Snowden’s Mill and its developer recorded by-laws for this planned community including a mandatory association and covenants affecting ownership. These are part of the deed of each home and are administered by the Homeowner Association’s Board of Directors, which is elected by the homeowners at the annual meeting held in January. 

The overall association, SMHOA, covers all 582 dwellings. There are also two town home associations, each one owning the streets, sidewalks, streetlights, and some common ground within their town home area. These are Town Home Association I located on Tufa Terrace and Tourmaline Terrace and Town Home Association II located on Aquamarine Terrace and Turquoise Terrace. Specific questions relating to the town home streets, sidewalks, streetlights, and common grounds should be directed to the town homes associations as follows: 

Snowdens Mill Townhouse Association #1 (SMTA#1): 
P.O. Box 614 Churchton, MD 20733
snowdensmillhoa1 @

Snowdens Mill Townhouse Association #2 (SMTA#2):
Attn: Gay Bridges, c/o Select Community Services
P.O.Box 221350, Chantilly, VA 20153

Snowdens Ridge Apartments
Attn: Korrie Pierce, c/o Grady Management
Snowdens-Ridge @ 

SMHOA is managed by Community Association, Incorporated. Charles Lasky is the Managing Agent. Community Associations may be contacted by going to the contact page of this web site. 

The SMHOA Board has established this web site to keep its members informed about their obligations as homeowners, to list the services available, and to provide an opportunity to get questions answered, to make comments and suggestions, and to voice concerns.