Board Members

Tracy Shahan President
Earl Gamache Vice President
Neil Pedersen Treasurer
Nikki Milcetich Secretary
David Golden Board Member
Mitiku Kelkay Board Member
Nathan Ochole Board Member
Ryan Woodlee Board Member

Contact Us

Please contact Community Association (Snowdens Mill Management Company) for routine matters. contact us.


Architecture Control Committee
Tracy Shahan (Chair), Emcee Arah, Everett Casey, Renu Simon and Joe Tahan

Covenant Enforcement Committee
Tracy Shahan (Chair), Earl Gamache and Becky Meadows

Communications Committee
All communication activities with the community including the website
Becky Meadows (Chair)

Community Affairs Committee

Finance Committee
All finance activities including budget, audits and finance reports
Neil Pedersen (Chair) and Earl Gamache

Gardens Committee
Kassa Kebede (Chair) Connie Maas, Joe Maas

Landscape Maintenance Committee
All landscaping activities including the street trees and leaves removal in the fall
Kassa Kebede (Chair)

Nominating Committee
Earl Gamache (Chair), Renu Simon and Kevin Hanlon

Rental Oversight Committee


The contact information provided above is for your convenience. However, you are strongly urged to use consideration in making contact with any of these volunteers. Please contact your neighbors only at reasonable times of day and for reasons that are appropriate to their position on the Board and within their area of authority. Remember, THEY ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS AND ARE VOLUNTEERS!